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  • Summary: Harry is comatose, Hermione and Ron aren’t much help, and Draco isn’t sure about anything anymore. Snogging Other Men Doesn’t Really Mean You’re Gay (complete) Author: Jetami Rated PG Humor/Romance Summary: They had this conversation at least once a week, usually more, depending on how flouncy Draco was feeling.
Harry and Draco had been dating for quite some time. Pansy and Blaise who was always with Draco, was kind of being forced to be with Harry, Ron and Hermione as Draco and Harry always was together. At first it was just weird, but after some time, they got kinda used to it, and they all began talking.

Harry James Potter. April 2020. Astoria, Scorpius, Rose and Hermione

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  • Ron confesses his strong feelings for Hermione and their relationship gets quite serious. But one day, they realise Draco's job is to assassinate as many Muggle-borns as possible. Get notified when Drowning In Tears: A Ron And Hermione Fanfiction is updated.
  • The student around Draco and Harry laughed. Draco smiled a wicked grin at Harry. "I am not your friend Potter" he sneered. "I made that offer the first day at hogwarts. Now look where that left you" He offered his hand to Harry. Then Draco pulled his hand away, letting Harry fall back to the ground. Then the students, including Draco, walked to ...
  • Dec 31, 2012 · And to show that Harry, Ron and Hermione had eventually forgiven him. Some other ships include Bellamort – Bellatrix and Voldemort (P-u-h-leez, Spare me the horror.), Luna and Seamus (Apparently there is such a ship), Ravender – Ron and Lavender (Don’t let Hermione catch you shipping it.) and why not admit it, as a kid I used to see ...

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    Start by either browsing through our themed lists or browsing through our collection of fanfiction! Our fanfiction is categorized for easy sorting and searching. If you want to search through two categories at once for something more specific, you can now go to CategoryIntersection! For example, you can search Category:Character: Ron Weasley and Category:Character: Harry Potter in order to ...

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    Harry & Ron betrayed Hermione. She helped them win, they sent her to Azkaban. Hermione burns Harry in effigy, helps break him out of Azkaban, kills Draco Malfoy, gets drunk with Fred In an institute to help children with psychological issues, a child is abandoned by his guardians because he...

    Harry Potter is a series of seven fantasy novels written by British author J. K. Rowling. The novels chronicle the lives of a young wizard, Harry Potter, and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, all of whom are students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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    tags: drarry, auror Harry, ministry employee Draco, oblivious Harry, Draco is an unrepentant flirt, and disillusionment there’s just so much disillusionment. suggested rating: T+. Part 1 (contains links to all parts) <– Part 9 || Part 11–> -Harry shrugged Malfoy off his shoulder. He was heavy for a bloke that could be mistaken for a piece ...

    Drarry/Romione DISCLAIMER: I own none of the characters, original work of J K Rowling It's the second year after the resurrection of the triwizard tournament . Harry is now honored with a new title and finds himself in a another year at Hogwarts with his life on the line.

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    Harry's eyes are green tho. And his jawline is more defined. 8. rena0164 · 6 years ago. And he has deeper dimples, on both sides. He has Hermione's lips. I find it strange that I am attracted to girl's lips. Reply.

    During Prisoner of Azkaban, when Ron believes that Hermione’s cat has killed his "rat," Ron (and Harry) stop talking to her. Hermione is on the edge of a nervous breakdown throughout her entire third year and her best friends straight-up abandon her. This results in Hermione having to go to Hagrid for comfort and support.

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    Nouvelle fanfiction ! DRARRY, BLAISE/RON, HERMIONE/NOTT Contexte : La guerre laisse des cicatrices à tout le monde, même aux ' méchants '. Blaise voit son meilleur ami sombrer au fur et à mesure des années et prend une décision qu'il regretta sûrement : il fait appel à Potter.

    Harry, Ron and Hermione. This is a print from an original hand drawing, digitally inked and coloured. Professional standard print using high quality Epson pigment ink on heavyweight matte photo paper. Nie udało się przetłumaczyć tej oferty na język polski. Opis. Harry, Ron and Hermione.

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    Rowling might be Harry, Hermione and Ron's creator, but she's their reader too - and something has clearly niggled away at her ever since she made It's interesting to speculate on whether Rowling was influenced by any of the debates among fans, because the relationship between author and reader...

    Hermione and Ron both leave Harry behind in the tent. Neither return, and were among the few The basic idea of this is that Hermione goes with Ron when he abandon's Harry in Deathly Hallows. Ever since they had had to abandon Grimmauld Place for this tent, Ron's moaning and whinging had...

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    Harry+Hermione , we get a lot of questions about fanfiction. There is a lot of Harry Potter fic out there and not all of it is good (see for evidence). DISCLAIMER: I have not frequented either of these sites so I can't vouch for their quality. Fiction Alley (Harry/Hermione) Harry Potter Fanfiction.

    Harry and Draco had been dating for quite some time. Pansy and Blaise who was always with Draco, was kind of being forced to be with Harry, Ron and Hermione as Draco and Harry always was together. At first it was just weird, but after some time, they got kinda used to it, and they all began talking.

Fanfics / Fanfictions de Harry Potter de todos os gêneros. 🐍Drarry 🦁 Personagens Sirius Black Draco Dracy(irmã que eu inventei do draco) Hermione Ron,Gina,Cedrico,CHo,luna,lupin,dumbledore,minerva,blase etc S/n Potter(irmã do Harry) Tema...
PT1 There's a sirimione fanfiction where Harry finds a book that Dumbledore left Hermione with a fourth deathly hallow (or something similar - a magical object of great magnitude) and a letter. In that letter, Dumbledore basically says in case something goes really wrong and the tides of the war change to where there's no hope, use this to fix it.
A new Dark wizard has risen to power, and with Ron Weasley dead and Harry Potter in prison, Hermione Granger is the Wizarding World’s last hope. However, it is only when she forms a peculiar alliance with Draco Malfoy that she hatches her impossible plan.
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