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  • The front of the car (2.4i V50) has been making a clicking/popping noise, usually when steering. Put it off for a few thousand km (I know :facepalm:), but upon inspection it's clear that the inner CV joint boot is damaged, grease flung everywhere.
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I installed the new boot over the axle, pushed it down the axle away from the CV joint and glued the second seam. While it was curing I applied the new grease to the joint with a flat wood spatula. Cleaned up the edges and pulled the new boot up and over the joint outer housing, clamped in place on both ends.

Since the CV ball unit was replaced with a freshly rebuilt unit, the CV ball joint was very tight and significant (hand) pressure was needed to get the bare u-joint into place. Once the double-cardan joint is correctly aligned, replace one of the u-joint caps, taking care not to allow the roller bearings to fall down into the cap.
  • 12. Undo inner CV boot and remove shaft from socket. 13. Clean the old grease out of everything and replace. (Do NOT use white grease. Use high temp disc brake wheel bearing grease on everything. New CV shaft should come with its own grease if you order the one without the inner cup. Use CV joint grease for CV joints.) Do the reverse.
  • Replaced both CV Axle with new ones from Autozone Duralast Gold. 25420 mi: ... Front passenger-side CV Joint boot was torn, grease found to have leaked out. Dealer ...
  • Automotive grease is used in a wide variety of applications, and is available in multipurpose form or in specialised varieties such as waterproof grease, spray-on grease and brake lubricant. Some automotive greases have a high melting point, which helps them do their job even when friction heat raises the temperature.

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    Dec 22, 2020 · The wear points in the axle assemblies are the constant velocity (CV) joints that transmit power from the transmission to the wheels. These bearings are packed in grease, but tend to wear out after about 100,000 miles.

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    CV grease is nasty stuff and it gets everywhere. Simply cut the two band clamps that hold the small diameter and the large diameter of the CV boot on the axle. Now the cup section (outer part) of the CV joint will come away from the tripod section (inner part). Once the bands are off you can pull the CV joint apart.

    The front of the car (2.4i V50) has been making a clicking/popping noise, usually when steering. Put it off for a few thousand km (I know :facepalm:), but upon inspection it's clear that the inner CV joint boot is damaged, grease flung everywhere.

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    Packing a cv joint with grease using my innovation. Cv joint axle boot repack 930. What is a CV axle? A CV axle transfers power from the engine to the front wheels on ...

    What grease should I use as I already used up the Honda grease that came w So should I go with some aftermarket grease like the one at Autozone OR Cut off There are several vendors of aftermarket CV joint grease and I think all of them...

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    Nov 29, 2020 · There are two ways a CV axle will go bad. The first is the boot will tear allowing the grease to leak out causing the joint to go dry and lose its lubricant which will make the joint to lock up and vibrate. The second way a CV axle can fail is to break causing the car to stop moving.

    Apr 01, 2012 · All I did was pop the axle nut off (32mm, you can rent the socket for free at autozone), pushed the axle in as far as I could, squirt some brake greese (that I got from autozone for a dollar) where the axle meets the hub, and retorque the nut down (fsm states 177ft lbs but my torque wrench only goes up to 150 so I just went a little more than ...

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    It is recommended for shock loading and bearings that are subject to especially heavy loads such as those that are found in CV joints and universal joints. Conversely, problems can be experienced if this type of grease is ever used in parts such as high-speed bearings.

    I actually have two cars in the same situation, and a nice independent mechanic who services them for me. Both cars (one a 2001 Passat, the other a 96 Subaru Legacy) had torn CV boot covers, diagnosed when brought in to my mechanic for the clicking sound. Both times he simply repacked the joint with grease and replaced the boot cover. Both cars still click. I read all sorts of stuff about ...

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    Nov 18, 2007 · No tranny oil or CV grease seen. I can get my CV joint to quit groaning when I decell if I put the clutch in and coast (no load). Sometimes mine makes the clicking sound with a full lock slow left hand turn, sometimes not. There is lots of play standard in the inner CV joint. They seems to flop all over the place.

    Matt, Pete - I wanted to see if either of you two guys could give me a quick primer on R&R'ing the CV joints? Both of my inners are spraying enoug

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    Just cleaning out the CV joints and fitting new boots (Bailcast DBC800).... you get a silver packet of grease to re-fill the CV joint but there are no markings on it so not sure what make and ...

    Sourcing Guide for Cv Joint Grease: Vehicles extended our range of activities and it's true that they are not only tools but friends. Proper maintenance and repair could keep them in good condition, and it's going to need a wide number of auto parts & accessories. Find the largest selection of auto parts...

Although I am sure the Autozone ones are fine, Raxles only uses new outer joints. I can almost assure you that the Autozone ones are reconditioned. If the price is close, go with Raxles. If they are way cheaper, then go with Autozone. If I remember correctly, they were pretty close in price when I did one of mine.
And make certain you remove all the old grease (and grit) before repacking the joints. Use MoS2 grease in the outer (Rzeppa CV) joint and extreme pressure NLGI #1 grease on the inner (tripot) joints. Honda CV joints are made by GKN which recommends you do NOT fill the inner tripot joints with MoS2 grease.
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